Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supply vs. Demand - Why Otherwise Good Writers Struggle To Become Published

I belong to three critique groups, with writers at varying levels of skill. Some have multiple publishing credits while authors (like me) are just waiting for that day when they can act the fool in a bookstore and get hauled off by the cops screaming, "That's my book! That's my book! I'm published. Yeah me!" Okay, well maybe that's just my plan.

Anyway, I'm reading the works of writers in the groups so I can offer my critiques. Which I haven't done in two months. More on why some other time (the blog has nothing to do with it). After all this reading, I have come to the inescapable conclusion: there's too many of us. How else can I explain that there are so many good writers out there and they struggle for so long to reach the goal of publication? Between competing with each other for markets in historical fiction, other writers of fiction, non-fiction authors, the occasional celebrity tell-all tale and let's not forget, Oprah's pick of the month, writers are a dime a dozen. Publishers have too many writers to choose among. It's a common theme among fellow writers; how do I make my work stand out in the crowd? I know some who've made it but for many of us, the supply of authors far exceeds the demand for books. Still we try, because if we weren't writers, what else would we be?

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Anita Davison said...

I think you are right, Lisa. And to make a stand I refuse to read anything written, or is that ghostwritten by a celebrity. As you say, so many of us work hard trying to make inroads into this difficult industry and those who can afford PR companies and Marketing gurus can jump the queue because of their name.

It ain't fair!!!!

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