Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Goals

I don't often make New Year's resolutions, for the same reason that lots of people don't make them - can't keep them. But in 2009, I do resolve to have certain goals when it comes to life and writing. I also intend to keep them.

Goal #1 - Be more attentive, in every way.

Life has a habit of getting in the way of my writing, whether it's work, family or personal concerns. If I don't pay attention, I can be easily blindsided and thrown off course to the detriment of everything else. Unfortunately, my writing seems to always be the first victim of life's interruptions. My first goal is to pay more attention to my physical health, and spirtual and mental well-being. Then I need to extend that attention to my loved ones, my job and my passion for writing.

Goal #2 - Sell one, if not three, manuscripts.

I've spent many years working on Sultana, my first "real" story. A medieval set in Moorish Spain about the last Muslim dynasty to rule Granada. Two manuscripts heavily researched and detailed, tirelessly put through critique groups with more comments and suggestions than I thought possible. Then I completely revised the story from first to third person this year. Both manuscripts. Each in excess of 80,000 words. My first publishing contract was signed for Bound by Blood, also a medieval centered on the Norman conquest of England. When it seemed as if I'd finally see my work in print, it all fell spectacularly apart. Now I've three manuscripts and no contract to show for all that work. My second goal is to change this.

Goal #3 - Grow as a person and a writer.

I'm the stereotypical writer, who retreats into herself for weeks, focused on a story or new ideas. Unfortunately, other things tend to pass to me by in doing so. I finally caught up with best friends this past weekend and went to see a movie, which we haven't done in ages. Also, my writing interests have remained relatively the same and it's time to broaden them. So my third goal will be to expand my horizons, break out of the shell to enjoy life and writing even more.

Sounds pretty lofty, but I've never been one to avoid a challenge. Let's see how I do with these goals in 2009. Happy New Year!


Sheila Lamb said...

Hi Lisa -
I share in your goals...especially #1. I need to get in a consistent routine and make sure writing fits into it on a daily basis. Have a great 2009!

Ginger Simpson said...

I gave up setting goals and making resolutions...too much disappointment when I ultimately fail. This year, I'm just going to try for whatever I feel, and if it works, GREAT!!!

I added your blog to my favs, now that I've found it. :)


Lisa Yarde said...

Hi Sheila and Ginger, thanks for stopping by! Let's hope all our writing dreams come true in 2009.

Toby Cai said...

Hi, Lisa! Great blog. I agree with your resolutions. Further, with the support of other incredible writers, those goals seem more real this year than ever. Here's to our name on the jacket of the next best seller!
Toby Cai

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