Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Motivates You?

Bill O'Hanlon wrapped up the final day of the WD conference with a very appropriate topic; energizing your writing with your skill and perseverance. He and other authors shared their motivational sources and stressed using your emotional states of Blissed, Blessed, Pissed and/ or Dissed in your writing, to keep yourself going even when it gets tough.

Motivation can come from both negative and positive events in your life. Who would guess that a career as a mystery writer would begin for Sue Grafton, while dreaming up imaginative ways of killing or maiming her soon-to-be ex-husband? If you're angry about a particular condition or a crusader who wants to change the world, like Andrew Vachss in his crime fiction, channel your anger into your writing.

What's your motivation?


Anita Davison said...

That's actually not an easy question to answer. All authors would love their work recognised, but that takes many forms. Do we yearn to have our books made into a series of blockbusting international films, or simply to feel the weight of a brand new, pristine paperback in your hands that sports your own name on the cover? Me? I still get a buzz out of the second one.

N. Gemini Sasson said...

Everything, but mostly the darker parts of life. Frustration, resentment, pain, failure, sadness... It all gets wrapped up neatly in a story, disguised of course as someone else's life.

Lisa Yarde said...

My motivation is escape. Writing offers the prefect escape into the past.

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