Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's In A Name?

Apparently, a lot.

I've spent several weeks preparing my self-published title, On Falcon's Wings, for its debut on and the Kindle. You know how they say, the devil's in the details? I learned that happens to be very true.

Either, I had completely lost my mind, or became mired in so many other details, like the right trim, crazy margins, haphazard indents, and that darn Kindle upload, that I paid absolutely no attention to the author name on the cover of my book, which I've only seen sir or seven times. Didn't notice a thing, until, I received this email from CreateSpace today: The author name for this book was listed as Lisa J. Yarde but the cover indicates the author name is Lisa Yarde and the text file indicates the author name is Lisa J. Yarde . Please make sure the author name listed in the book information matches with the author name appearing on your book's front cover and interior title page.  When you've signed up with CreateSpace, you cannot change the author listing, once you've submitted the title properties!!!!!! So, the Lisa J. Yarde listed with CreateSpace must be Lisa J. Yarde on the cover. Sigh.

God bless my illustrator, Lance Ganey, who got back to me with a quick response that he could edit the cover. Otherwise, it would be just one more thing on my list of worries today, like the whole marketing and selling the book thing.

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