Monday, September 20, 2010

Twitter Addiction

When I'm not writing, reviewing, blogging, or obsessively checking web stats, it's likely because I'm on Twitter. I never, I mean NEVERthought I admit this, but here goes: My name is Lisa and I'm addicted to Twitter. More than two months after my first official tweet, I'm wondering how in the world this happened to me. The same person who once swore, "I'll never be a twit!" I've now learned that's 'tweeter', thank you very much, and that I am now part of the 'tweeple' in the 'twitterverse'. It's a bit much, I know, but tweeter is fine and definitely much better than the word a cousin of mine used. She's just as sarcastic but slightly less foul-mouthed than I am. Hint: it starts with a 'T' and rhymes with 'what'.

Now, I check Twitter many times a day, too often to count on my computer and phone. I don't need an intervention just yet. Of course not. What addict ever admits that? Still, it's hard to fathom that naturally shy, introverted me has gone this route. I'm not one for talking to random strangers or people I've never met - I try to avoid those kinds of situations at all costs. So, what happened to make me change my mind? Probably the same thing that happened when I decided to start blogging. I discovered a community of writers, many of them whom I admire. I wanted to talk with them and not just about writing. Those writers can be easily categorized into two groups: those who use Twitter to promote themselves and those who don't and have lives beyond writing. I've found something interesting about the latter half: they are the ones I'm most likely to engage and to cheer on if they ever announce something noteworthy about their books. It's great to connect with people whom I probably wouldn't dream of approaching, even if we only exchange 140 characters at a time. I think my Twitter addiction is here to stay.

Are you a Twitter addict too? Tweet me @lisajyarde. Happy tweeting.


Michelle Gregory said...

trying not to be addicted, but it may be like the iPod and the texting on my phone thing. great intentions, but no self control.

isn't it easier to "not" be shy via the internet?

June G said...

Oh gosh. You too? It's terrible. I am totally addicted. I've been forced to lay off though because my hands actually hurt. I think I've developed RSI. Between tweeting, writing my novel, my blog, visiting and commenting on blogs, email...ugh!

My hands have simply given out. I've had to stay off line a lot more than I want cause my joints are killing me. I haven't been to the Dr., but I'm going to have to go. This is crazy.

I've read the same thing has happened to some authors and they've had to stop blogging and tweeting to save their hands for writing their books!

Lisa Yarde said...

Thanks Michelle and June. The Twitter 12-step program will be so much nicer with company.

Victoria Dixon said...

I've become a Twitter addict by virtue of that being the only way I can stalk the agent who requested my partial. Which reminds me, I haven't checked on her status in a whole HOUR! OMG.

Lisa Yarde said...

Haha, Victoria, better check her status update quick! That is too funny.

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