Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Acts

Sometimes, really good things can come out of a disaster. That's hard to believe or take encouragement from when you're in the midst of a crisis, but trust me, it's true. Here's a list of random things that came to me this weekend:
  • Kindness can come from people who are practically strangers, those whom you've lived next door to for several years and never spoken to a day in your life.   
  • Backup your important files regularly. In fact, do triple backups, preferably at two different physical locations, or including at least one, online, easily retrievable location.
  • Value your friends and they will always be there to support you. I know I said that a couple days ago, in the blog post about writing friends. It truly hit home today, when my dearest writing friends took the trouble to find portions of my writing that I had not backed up in recent months. Anita and Mirella, you are my angels. 
  • Cultivate great relationships all around. You never know when you'll need a generous boss, sympathetic co-workers, or those great neighbors and friends.
  • And last but not least - to the druggies: don't cook your drugs in the basement, just in case something catches fire and burns your house to the ground. You don't want to be homeless and then subsequently hauled off by the cops with the entire block looking on.


Sheila Lamb said...

Something tells me the last one was a neighbor? :-)

Lisa Yarde said...

Sheila, I can neither confirm or deny the alleged incident, but stay tuned for more.

History and Women said...

You are the true angel, Lisa. Such a beautiful, positive post in the face of disaster.

Thank you!

Anita Davison said...

Darling, you have a gift for turning a personal disaster into an enjoyable read. I, however do not underestimate what you are going through right now - my thoughts are with you. It will all come out in the insurance claim - promise

Lisa Yarde said...

Mirella and anita, thank you both for keeping sane in this nightmare.

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