Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new goals

I don’t call them resolutions. I’ve tried making New Year resolutions – lose weight and exercise, stop procrastinating, etc. Never gets accomplished. Rather than pressure myself to meet certain expectations and fail miserably in yet another year’s half-hearted attempt, I’ve set long-term goals. I’ve got some big ones in mind.

First, I’d like to have a child of my own. While I have two adorable nephews who I get to see every day, there’s nothing quite like having a kid of your own. For health reasons more than anything else, I’m inclined to adopt. A few friends have been through the process and I’ll be looking to them for support and advice. There are so many kids in the US and throughout the world that need good homes. I think there’s something very special about opening up your home and heart to a child that you didn’t give birth to, but choose to love. Ideally, I’d like a child under the age of seven, no preference as to gender. Wish me luck.

Next on my list is to self-publish two books this year, entitled Sultana and Sultana’s Legacy. I’ve worked on these stories for so long, more years than I would care to admit, that they feel like my children whom I’ve nurtured. Both stories chronicle the struggles within the last Moorish Dynasty to rule Spain, in the city of Granada. Each is told from the perspective of two protagonists, Fatima and Faraj, whose union prompted a civil war that embroiled the country for thirteen years afterward. Both are dark stories, lots of murder and intrigue – just the way I like my historical fiction. Thank God the family was so dysfunctional, perfect fodder for what I hope will be an interesting read. I’ll be asking for beta readers for both books starting in February; already have three lined up but I’m looking for two others. Unfortunately, I have nothing more to offer these people except my undying gratitude and free copies of the books when they’re out. Look for Sultana in mid-spring and Sultana’s Legacy to follow in the fall.

Lastly, in a goal that’s very much tied to the one above, I’ll be visiting Spain again after nearly a ten year absence. This time, I hope to visit Malaga, exploring the site where Fatima and Faraj spent a good portion of their married lives, raising their children. The remnants of Islamic Spain just fascinate me. I hope to also tour Madrid, Toledo, and Lisbon, Portugal for a few days. This particular goal is closer at hand than the others. I’m off in February.

What your new goals now that a new year has begun?


Jorgh said...

Hi there. Just started following your blog recently. I gotta say that's an awesome plan on the adoption and I wish you a lot of luck.

My plans for the new year are pretty tame, the only resolution I made is to finish the first draft of my novel. I figured I would keep it easy.

Lisa Yarde said...

Jorgh, thanks so much for following the blog! I'll try to keep it interesting.

First drafts - hard to start, hard to finish for me, but everything else is usually gravy.

J.L. Campbell said...

Congrats of actually making resolutions. I've only made one, but I know I have to get some stuff edited and some other projects completed. I plan to work on all those things.

Sounds like you're taken with your project. I'm fascinated by the idea of visiting the setting you're writing about.

Lisa Yarde said...

J.L., sounds like a good plan. Islamic Spain is fascinating and I'm always up for visiting sites that I've written about whenever possible; adds authenticity to the story. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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