Friday, May 13, 2011

The Scribbler's back!

No, I didn't go anywhere but Blogger sure did, into some dreaded black hole in the Internet. I lost a couple posts and drafts, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

First up, as promised, is today's New Voices with Alison DeLuca, a fellow ABNAer. If getting cut from the contest was a little letdown, the friendships that I'm building with other writers have more than made up for it. Lots of talent and very sweet folks out there. Alison will also be hosting a giveaway of Sultana on her blog next week, more details to follow. Assuming that Blogger cooperates....

I also received confirmation this morning that the authors N. Gemini Sasson, Michelle Gregory, Peter Johnson and Kristina Emmons will be back here in June, with a week-long series of guest posts about their experiences with self-publishing. So thrilled that they've all agreed to reflect on the last twelve months and share with blog visitors. Lots of exciting things have happened for them in the meantime, including contest awards and breaking into the best-seller lists on Kindle. If you missed last year's series of posts involving each of them, click here. Of course, I'll be joining them to look back on my first twelve months of self-publishing, with some sales data, my best day and the big lesson I've learned about self-publishing. Next month, I'll announce the dates of these future posts.

Just a reminder that ebook copies of Sultana are still available through LibraryThing in multiple formats (iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader to name a few). If you'd like a chance to win a copy, the deadline is Thursday, May 19.

Also, for a limited time, On Falcon's Wings is free at Smashwords, also available in multiple ebook formats.

Now, let's see if Blogger will cooperate and let me post New Voices....

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