Sunday, January 6, 2013

Submit flash fiction / short stories for Women's History Month

Do you admire strong female historical figures? Do you write historical fiction? Tara Chevrestt over at the incredible Book Babe blog is offering a great opportunity to include your work in an anthology, published by Pagan Writer's Press.  

Tara says: Short stories/flash fiction for Women's History Month needed for an anthology to be published in March with Pagan Writer's Press. Each story needs to be historical, any era, time. No more than 3K words a piece. Flash fiction/shorties is a brief look into someone's life. The story can be about an ancestor of yours, a woman in history who did something awesome, a woman you make up. Perhaps she's standing up for herself, arguing an issue, rebelling against society. She can fight with a sword or her words or her silence. A woman's strength comes in many forms. She may be trying to improve her life or that of her children. She may be fighting for women's or civil rights. 

Romance is fine, but no sex scenes. Author bios will be at the end of each story. This will be published as an ebook and print if it reaches 50K. Royalties will be paid. Authors share 40% of print royalties, 50% of ebook royalties.  I shall update information as I receive it, but get writing! I'd like to have all these stories no later than the first week of February. 

Send stories to Tara at tchevrestt (at) yahoo (dot) com for consideration. Thank you. *Original work only, please. These are not to be excerpts from previously published or about to be published material.

Thank you, Tara, for including me. I'll be submitting an original piece on Gwenllian, the Welsh daughter of Prince Gruffydd ap Cynan of Gwynedd. Noted for her beauty, Gwenllian was the tomboy of her and a fierce northern Welshwoman. She married for love to the Prince of Deheubarth, Gruffydd ap Rhys and would have likely been content as the mother of their children, if the English Marcher lords hadn't continued encroaching on Welsh territory. Gwenllian decided to make her stand and her bravery inspired other patriots. I plan to write more on Gwenllian in a future title Lady of Legend, but my submission to the anthology will be an original chapter that will not appear in the story.

If you're interested, get your submissions ready and forward them to Tara. Don't miss out on a chance to be included in the anthology. ETA: Learn more about fiction honoring heroic women at the HerStory blog.


Anita Davison said...

That sounds interesting Lisa, not that I have any shorts to offer - but I would love to read your story about Gwenllian - what was it with the Welsh and all those 'G's and 'Ds'?

Lisa Yarde said...

I've got nothing against the G's and D's, it's this which Ian has had to pronounce for me several times: Ystradgynlais. How the word looks versus how it

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